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In order to enter any league or tournament, you must register. Once registered, you will receive your temporary username and password as well as a link to verify your email address.


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Membership of Berkshire Squash enables you to play in events that are organised by us, including our county leagues. In addition, affiliated members will be eligible to play at County Closed competitions, represent Berkshire and also benefit from a range of membership features.

Please note that to participate in our leagues, competitions or represent Berkshire you also need to be a member of England Squash. However, this is not a condition for entering one of our coaching courses. In this regard, if you are not a member of England Squash, please enter ES000000 as your membership number when registering.

By registering for membership, you give your consent for your personal data to be stored on the system and to receive communications regarding squash events, news and developments. You agree to this on the express understanding that at no time will your personal data be made available to third parties or anyone not directly associated with the county. If you wish to opt out of this in future, please contact our Head of Communications. Please also note that your contact details may be shared with other event participants, organisers and agents of Berkshire Squash, if it is deemed necessary to organise any event that  you have entered. If you are unhappy with these terms, please do not register for membership.

Please note that anyone providing inaccurate membership information risks having their membership cancelled with immediate effect. This will mean they will be unable to enter any event, competition or league we organise.

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Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with an initial password, after which you can login and edit your details and enter results.